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Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Marianne Bland has a BFA in Painting & Drawing from California College of the Arts and has also studied abroad in Marseille, France. Bland’s paintings have been exhibited throughout Northern California at venues including Stanford University, Hang Art Gallery and Blue Line Gallery.

She became the youngest person in the history of her hometown to obtain a business license at age 16 when she started a mural painting company to earn money for art college. Public art projects since include Hearts in San Francisco, commissions for Kaiser Permanente and a 50 ft. mural for the city of San Bruno.

Bland regularly donates artwork to regional causes including Art for Aids, PBS (KVIE) and Crocker Art Museum. You may have seen her work on national television during a broadcast of "Billion Dollar Club" on SyFy, or on display in Union Square.


I collect, select and recreate images in a process of layering drawing and painting. City scenes allow me to examine my own changing perspectives as well as those of American society, by focusing on the elements that bear silent witness to every public moment. These settings are shared spaces imbued by a collective history, layered with memories of lived experiences. Night views emphasize the subtle narratives of human nature within the urban landscape, and make me wonder if I’m documenting the last gasps of a falling empire or the dark before the dawn.